We are a cooperative board game company in Maryland. Started by two friends with the help of some awesome kickstarter backers




   1-6 Player cooperative
           Unknown is fully cooperative with no traitor or points to muddy the goals.  Everyone wins or loses together.  It may be played solo, or with up to 6 players and because it is cooperative if a player needs to leave early or join late that can be easily accommodated.

What kind of game is it?  
           Unknown is a tile base exploration and resource management game set in a post-apocalyptic world.  The players explore, gather resources, battle living and environmental hazards, and attempt to complete the mission’s objectives while keeping their base supplied with food.  

 Easy to Teach and Quick to Start   
           The basic concepts and actions are easy to learn, and teaching a new player enough to join the game can be done in under five minutes.  In most cases all of the information you need about a tile is right on it and if it’s not there it is on the player mats.

High Re-play-ability   
          One of the major things we wanted in our game was to have a high replay value.  We created four separate changing facets that interact in different ways every time.  Characters, Missions, Tiles and how the board is created. 


    Variable Difficulty        

 Since the tile deck is built before each game, it is easy to tune to the desired difficulty.    


  "Unknown seems to play itself out with just the right amount of game tension and game length you’d expect for a tile game. Just a whole lot darker." Says Cardboard Republic who included us in the PAX East recap, where we made the list of his 10 favorite things there, and the resulting preview.

 "Overall, Unknown is a hidden gem, that pardon the pun, is relatively Unknown on the market. Personally, I feel like it plays better than a game like Pandemic since the “board” is ever-changing and unique. If someone mentions that they enjoy games like Pandemic, then I highly recommend giving Unknown a play-through. This has quickly become one of our favorite cooperative games to bring to the table and is easily introduced to new players. I’m glad to have discovered it and am able to introduce it to more hobbyists and newcomers who love survival cooperative tabletop games." Says Board Game Greg.     

Unknown gameplay VIDEO

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